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Private Chocolate Experiences

A Chocolate Experience Tour with a Private Touch!


Our Private Chocolate Experience is perfect for a school field trip. The presentation can be modified from grades as early as kindergarten all the way to college level.

Throughout this hour-long presentation ( which can be shortened for younger students) students will learn about how chocolate gets from bean to bar. Subject areas that are integrated into this chocolate talk include science, math, history, manufacturing, and much more. Through the use of cameras, students will be able to see what is happening on the factory floor. This event also includes chocolate bar making, where participants make their own milk chocolate bar, with a variety of toppings. The chocolate tasting portion of the event is always something to look forward to as well as learning about the delicious items we make here at Fascia’s.

The cost is $12 per person with a $120 minimum. If you have 20 participants or more, the price drops to $10 per person. Our presentation room can accommodate up to 32 participants. The room is set up with tables and chairs where participants will sit for the presentation and make their chocolate bar.

If your group has more than 32 people, we can accommodate up to 50 participants. The tables will be removed from the presentation room and chairs will be set up auditorium style. Participants will make their chocolate bars first in our bar-making room and then head across the hall to the presentation room where they will sit for the remainder of the event.

If your group is 32 participants or less, we can offer the presentation room before or after your event to have lunch, as long as there is not another event scheduled. We also have a covered picnic area for students to eat their lunch as well, weather permitting.

Our facility is handicapped and wheelchair accessible. We also have off-street parking for buses.

We offer an 8:1 ratio for students and chaperones. If a chaperone wishes to make a chocolate bar, the cost will be the same as the other participants. There is no charge for chaperones who do not wish to make a chocolate bar as long as they are part of the 8:1 ratio.

To begin the booking process, please fill out the inquiry form completely, including the size of your group, general days and times, and grade level. We look forward to having you here!


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